San Francisco Japanese SDA Church

San Francisco Japanese SDA Church


Saturday, Nov 28

10:00 AM
Zoom Sabbath School and Live Streaming Worship
New Link for Zoom! Our English Sabbath School will be …
11:30 AM
Worship Service
“A Tune of Thanksgiving” by Filipe Ferreira Join us online at
1:30 PM
ESL Meetup
We continue with our ESL meetup by joining with MVJSDA …


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We are a multicultural community of faith who love the Lord and seek to demonstrate His love to others. We are passionate about the everlasting gospel and nurturing one's journey with the Lord. We seek to offer worship, activities, and programs that develop the whole person: mentally, physically, and socially.

Fellowship meal · Parents room


Nov 23, 2020
Tax Deductible Donation Information

To ensure the deductibility of your church contributions, please do not file your 2020 income tax return until you have …

Nov 18, 2020
Watch Answers In Prophecy On Demand

Ancient prophecies speak to the future of the world. Today we see chaos, but what about tomorrow? Watch this 10-part …